Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Episode #130 Honesty


  1. Dear Diane, Thanks!! for being who you are and speaking your mind and I'm very glad you're back :) I hope you'll feel better now this is off your mind/chest. I have been so behind in all the podcasts and am so happy to see one from you. I'm very very sorry about you and your family that you had to let mae go. She must have known how much she was loved, I'm sure of that.

    Loved your knitting. And sorry but had to giggle a little bit about the stitch surfers :) You're really adicted to them and I love seeing them every time so please go on with it :)

    Oh my, your piper's journey looks amazing. I made one a month ago to give to my dentist, her husband is very ill and I wanted to give her some warmth and a knitted hug. You are right to keep that one, I wouldn't give that away too since it's in memory and with thoughts of mae.

    I want to thank you again for podcasting. I'm now taking care for my dad every day, he's in a wheelchair now and I'm too busy to be an active member, trying to keep up with everything is impossible for me right now but I did want to let you know I'm watching, enjoying your podcast, love seeing you, never ever hated you and will not because I think it's amazing all the things you do and want to send you some warmth and strength for all the difficult times and with missing mae.

    Take care

  2. Be who you are and the right people will love you. Selfishly hoping that you will continue podcasting/posting to instagram as I enjoy seeing you, your knitting and your animals. Shed a tear when I I heard that beautiful Mae had passed. So sorry for your loss <3

    Sarah x (rav id:sehepworth/instagram:sarahhepworth)

  3. I have only recently found your podcast and must say how enjoyable it is.
    There are unfortunately some really mean people in the world. I don't know what has happened to you but to see someone so upset by other people is horrible. Please try to ignore those people. Feel better soon and please keep podcasting.

  4. Diane, Thanks so much for putting yourself out there for us. Mean People Suck and unfortunately there's a lot of them. I'm so so sorry about Mae. I love how you love your pets so much, but that makes it harder too, doesn't it? She really was such a precious dog as is Bella! I'm wishing you many healing moments from everything.

    Snuzanne (instagram)

  5. Honey I am so sorry you have lost your fur baby. I have a dog and a cat and I would be lost without them.

    Mean people do suck. Don't let nasty people keep you from doing what you like to do. That is an issue with social media, people aren't face to face with you and can say whatever they like without consequences. I hate that people are upsetting you so much. I know what you mean by being in school. I work with a couple of 20 somethings that cause issues just like what you are having, You have my sympathies.

    Your socks are great! Heck kids these days don't even match their socks now. I'll have to go check out the pattern. Your Piper's Journey is beautiful! I love the striping and the lace. Your Magic Cake Ruffle one is pretty as well. Told my daughter about the Bat Shit Crazy yarn and she said I should have it. LOL I like the cowl you are going to start, can't wait to see it finished. The Clincher is an interesting pattern.

    Can you explain to me what the difference in knitters are? I've heard people saying they are process knitters and other something else but I don't understand what that means.

    I've heard several podcasters mention your yarn, I'm going to be stalking your shop tomorrow to see what you will be posting for sale.

    I understand the need to knit to calm yourself. I knit a whole child's sweater when my husband was in the hospital the last time.

    Keep being real, and truthful, that's the way we are supposed to be.



  6. Diane,
    So sorry to hear about Mae. She is only gone physically, but will remain with you forever in your memories.

    Please don't let a few mean and ugly people sour your opinion of humanity in general. They are not worth another moment's thought. There are far more of us out here that truly wish you every good thing in this life and who truly enjoy inviting you into our homes whenever you podcast. I, as well as many, many others, hope you never stop being who you are. I would consider myself blessed to have friends such as you. Remember, we are judged by how we treat others. You will be looked upon with a smile and they with a frown.

    I have missed you and hope to be seeing you more often in the future.


  7. I am so sorry to hear that you had to put your dog, Mae, down. I'm sure that wasn't an easy task. Please do not allow a very few immature people stop you from sharing your gift of knitting. Love the socks.

  8. dear diane-

    So very sorry about Mae and thank you for being who you are. I appreciate you and your podcast and am happy to hear that you are continuing for those of us who don't have a knitting group. Love and peace to you..


  9. Dear Diane so glad you were able to get that off your chest. I hope it helps. So very sorry about Mae. I did see it on Instagram but was unable to respond because of the pain I was in over my own dog. Please try to continue to podcast because it brings you happiness and so happiness to others. I am much more a lurker than a poster but I wanted to reach out today because of your pain. So sorry

  10. Thanks so much for all the kind comments it really means a lot:-)

    Big Hugs,

  11. Hello Diane....I'm the one you podcast for. A Floridian with no knitting group and all that. I'm so sorry about wonderful to have loved her like you did. Thank you for sharing your heart, but don't give people will always be just that....little.

  12. Hi Diane. Love the podcast and really look forward to it. We also don't have knitting groups where I am here in South Africa and this podcast is super cool! ;) Think you are absolutely wonderful! Keep strong and keep doing what makes you happy. So sorry about Mae. Our thoughts are with you xxx. Ellie

  13. I hope you are feeling better! Sorry you have had to go through whatever this may have been. Social media can be a dangerous thing. Always worried about this with my daughter. I travel very little & love to stay home with my pets. Thanks for speaking up for that choice!
    Take care, hugs to you:-))

  14. I love you muchly.

    That is all.

    aka paletpc

  15. I haven't been able to watch any podcasts for quite a while and this one is the first one I came to. My heart aches for you. I don't know what has been happening and I don't need to know. I'm just so sorry that you are suffering. I just want to give you this virtual hug.

    Please be nice to yourself, you're doing the best that you can.

    Bev aka BevIsYarnCrazy