Thursday, September 20, 2012

Episode #78 Stash Progress

Show Notes:
November/December GnomeAcres Holiday KAL Information

Charity: Please see previous episodes show notes:-)

Window Shopping Enabling:
Knittings My Bag THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW Halloween B.A.M. 2012 - September 27

Girl Cave Bags Etsy Shop - such adorable project bags

Woolgirl This is where my Downton Abbey Edith Kit is from

Unique Sheep - my Jack's Beach is the Ling base

Have a great week!


  1. Dear Diane :)
    Thank you for your great episode of this week :) I know I've not responded a lot but I'm still there and watching you :) Live is taking up so much time right now so I'm so very thankfull for your vid.cast :) It helps me to get some time for myself. Some knitting time and to relax. My dad had to go to hospital last saturday. I almost lost him but he's fine now. Two months ago I lost my FIL so this was a close call and gladly I was able to help my dad and was in time with him in the hospital. But this is having an impact on me and my family and I can't tell you enough how important it is for me to watch you and distract my thoughts to pick up some knitting and listen and have the time with you :)
    I know you enjoy making the podcast but I can't tell you enough how much it means to me as well :) So thank you hugely and hugs from across the huge pond :)
    greetings from the netherlands :) From Valeria :)

  2. Valeria, I am SO glad that your Dad is ok! I can't imagine how stressful things have been for you. How scary to almost loose your Dad:-( Just know I am very thankful for viewers like yourself! You are the reason I love doing this podcast.

    Sending tons of hugs to you across the pond Valeria!