Thursday, July 26, 2012

Episode #71 Countdown To Ravellenics

Show Notes:  If you guys need anything on the enabling just PM me:-)

Lynnzimm's Make A Wish Fundraiser


Susan of Desert Vista Dyeworks is sweet enough to give everyone 20% off on their order for the month of August using the code: SSSKAL


  1. I just love you and your podcast! I appreciate you doing a longer podcast as I got more knitting :) No, really I enjoy your podcasts whether they be short, long or in between; it's ALL good! :)
    Thank you for all you do!

  2. Sabrina, thank you so much! You are just the best! I have something that will be on its way to you tomorrow:-)


  3. Dear Diane,

    I enjoyed your story about how you got into spinning :) I'm glad you went on with trying and you're finaly spinning such great yarns :) I've learned myself and I remember when the thread would break and so on and then the light bulb went on and I understood that I'm in controle not the wheel or the bobbin or the fleece but me :)

    And when you relax then the fun happens. I always think about what people say sometimes... it's not like you're dismantling a bomb.

    We sometimes say over here, just do it, it's not your mother in law ;) Don't be gentle and carefull just relax and go with the flow and stop if you think it's not to your liking because you're the boss ;)

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment and your prayers. Sadly by FIL died on the 21th of july and yesterday we said our last good byes to him. It's so sad and I'm going to donate to the make your wish for sure. Just have to check out paypal how much I have.

    We also have a make your wish over here in the netherlands. My FIl didn't use it but an aunt of my hubby did and because of them she was able to go to her daughter's wedding. The dutch organisation provided an ambulance to transport her, and a nurse to help her. They were with her the whole time and brought her back to the hospital and I think that those people who did so in their spare time are angels.

    If I'm not able to give the money through paypal I'll donate to the dutch make a wish organisation in memory of my FIL, rené his aunt and my mother and many more people we've lost to cancer.

    I didn't want to write such a long reply.

    Wanted to thank you for your time and effort and all you do to give us an hour or more in your home and be your guest and enjoy everything you share with us :)
    Wishing you all the best and a great time with william in disneyland :)
    Have a great week
    Valeria :)

  4. Valeria, I am SO sorry that your FIL pasted away. I am sure it has been very hard for your family. I am sending lots of prayers and hugs!

    That is so sweet of you to give to The My Wish! I am sure wherever you are able to give it will help out so much.

    Yes, it is funny how you just have to let go and trust the spinning will work out:-)

    Again, thanks SO SO much for all your kind comments each week!


    1. Dear Diane,

      I've mailed with Lynn Zimmerman and I've made my donation,it was easy :) Thanks for your prayers :)

      Ok time to move on :) It's morning over here and I'm going to clean up the home before the weather gets too hot.

      Sending you hugs and take care :)