Thursday, May 24, 2012

Episode #62 It Will Be A Deck Weekend


Hiya Hiya prize winners - I will post the winners when they contact me
STR Winner - I will post the winner when they contact me

Cloudlover Prize Giveaway - I will keep the thread open until May 31st before I record

May Washcloth KAL - The KAL date has been extended until JUNE 20TH  503 washcloths knitted & crocheted already:-)

WIP's - 

Color Affection by - Veera Valimaki  I am using my Wollmeise in the colors Lemoine, Clementine and Mao Chung

May Joint SAL with Knitting in Circles  and GnomeAcres -  you have until June 18th to post your pictures

July Joint KAL Information - next pre-order is on June 2nd 10am CST

Spinning - finished my Kaleidoscope Eyes by Loop 

Tour de Fleece Information - June 30th through July 22nd  PLEASE COME AND JOIN US:-)

Ravelympics Information for Team Knitabulls - we will be knitting and crocheting monsters/animals in the Toy Toss Event

CHARITY: All Charity information can be found in the previous episode notes


Friends In Fiber

Twisted Fiber Arts


Have a great Holiday weekend!


  1. OMG, Diane, i love ALL of the fiber you showed. The colors are just gorgeous. You sure do know how to pick 'em. Love your show.

  2. I just love everything you show and have to giggle when you talk about the shows from the housewifes etc... because I've no clue about those people and I'm never going to look at it anyway but how you tell about them is just funny :) Hope I don't offend you. It's not meant like that.
    And oh please keep on showing the handspun and the fibers I love that so much and when you showed me your hand spun I thought for just a second...hmmm where does she live?? Perhaps I can just sneak in there and snatch it??? sorry. I'm just greedy I know but it's so awesome. I love it!!!

    I found the time to see your v.cast and for once could see it without interuptions ;) And the whole time I was spinning and looking up when you showed something and in the mean time I listen and enjoy the show a lot.

    When I joined ravelry a new world opened for me and spinning wise a huge lot!! I never knew about it, and of course I knew that wool comes from a sheep (nope there are more animals I know now) and that yarn is made from wool and other fibers but I never ever had an idea about what's there. So I'm still learning, still in awe about the things that are out there, about spindles, about whorls about spinningwheels oh my I never ever knew. So it's still so huge, still so great and I would have never knew about it without podcasts,videocasts and ravelry.

    I guess I need to step off my soap box ;) but I just wanted to say, please go on, show us what's out there, show us the yarns and all you enjoy so that this woman from the netherlands can keep on learning and enjoy everything there is :)

    Oh and just one small thing ;) I am going to treat myself with some wool from the dutchwooldiva :D when I'm done with spinning all the fiber I have in the woolmountain of doom.... :D
    Wishing you a great time this weekend and a great memorial day or weekend.
    Greets and take care

  3. Hello from downunder. What or who is the song you use at the start of your blog? In just over a week we will be in Boulder for a holiday to celebrate husbands 50th birthday. He will be mountain biking while college daughter and I will be shopping, chilling and oh learning to spin. I am so excited about this part I have my Grandma's old Ashford wheel and have wanted to get on it for ages. In a weird the world is really small kind of way some good friends in Boulder are also friends of the owners of Schacht Spindle. My feeling is I should stick with Ashford and support NZ made. Really excited to visit and will of course be going to Loopy to visit and shop as well. Looking forward to leaving cold NZ for warm Colorado.
    Keep blogging Donna xoxo