Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 2 of TdF and I am exhausted!

OMG! I thought it would be SO much fun to spin 4oz's of fiber again today. Well it was until I had to ply for the first time. My husband put my lazykate on my ladybug wheel and off I went. It was really a workout! I am sitting here now just typing about my spinning today and I am wiped out. I will put my plied yarn on the niddy-noddy tomorrow and see how many yards I get. I hope enough yarn so I can knit with my first plied handspun. I also put my single ply that I spun yesterday on the niddy-noddy this morning. I had 180yards! I then soaked my yarn and it is hanging to dry now. Well all in all I feel like I have really started a TdF this weekend. I hope I continue to enjoy doing this. I think tomorrow will be just a little bit of spinning and some knitting.

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